TRANSAF Logistics

we deliver any freights by motor vehicles, in a safe manner and in due time

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Logistic services

We make logistics smarter, safer, easier and complying with 7-R requirements:

  • Right amount of right goods,
  • Right time,
  • Right quality,
  • Right cost,
  • Right place,
  • Right information for all participants thereof.

And what is more, if you co-operate with TRANSAF Logistics Company, you yourself will be able to check and control the entire process, in the online regime.
TRANSAF Logistics Company renders logistic services in a safe manner, with a high quality and in due time. You can make it sure all by yourself.

Do you want to make an order or to get a consultation? Call the telephone number +373 68 82 89 89 / + 40 745 321 311 and a competent employee of TRANSAF Logistics Company will promptly answer your request.